Friday, November 5, 2010

Free At Last

I had a hard time keeping her awake yesterday, not sure why and not sure why she will sleep at the hospital and not at home. Oh well, it did make things easier for both of us.

We got 30 minutes off the unit yesterday and spent it in the cafeteria. Anna had fun pulling around the wagon. Apparently she didn't think she was supposed to ride in it.

Day one right after the lead placement. She cried for about 15 minutes and then she was out!

Daddy/Daughter Day on Thursday

Having fun in the playroom a.k.a. Mommy's break time

Finally, we are home. We skipped the pediatrician's office. I was pretty sure one more doctor/office in my day just might push me over the edge and turn me into a homicidal maniac. I try really hard not to rely on my mom (a nurse practitioner) or my sister (MD) for medications because I feel it is unfair to them. If something went wrong I would never want them to feel any responsibility for it plus I think sometimes it is hard to really be objective when it comes to family. Today, I broke my own rules and I relied on my mom. (She didn't think homicide was a good idea either.) So we have antibiotics. Here are the pictures from our adventurous week. All in all, both girls handled things very well and I could not be more proud to be their mother. Kenneth and Carly had a daddy and daughter day yesterday and went looking for deer. Carly had a blast and has decided she wants her room decorated in camouflage now. Um, not so much dear. Anyway, I am so glad to be home. I can't wait to crawl into my own bed tonight, even if Kenneth is snoring...

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