Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear UHC,

Every time something of note used to happen I would instantly think, "I need to blog about that!"  Now, a month goes by between posts and I sit down to write and realize so much goes on in a month that I can't possibly remember what to blog about.

First and foremost is that I am so not happy with our insurance company right now.  I do have to say that up until this point they have been pretty fantastic but this last month has totally changed my tune about them.  I have always gotten all of our family's prescriptions filled a local little mom and pop pharmacy.  It is a lot of prescriptions.  Monthly Kenneth gets 4 prescriptions, I get 2, Carly gets 2, and Anna gets at least 4.  The pharmacy we use is the kind where I call in refills 5 minutes before I get there and they are ready when I arrive.  They are also the kind where if I need a prescription on Monday but am broke and don't get paid until Friday they will let me have it anyway and let me pay for it on Friday.  They are the kind of place that knows us and knows our struggles and works with us.  So I got a letter in the mail last week telling me that if we continue to get our prescriptions of our "maintenance" meds filled there and not at either CVS or Caremark (mail order) that we will be charged double the retail value of the meds next time we pick them up.  Excuse me?  Let me tell you about my last experience with CVS- I went to pick up some Diastat for Anna (rectal valium for cluster seizures) and I got the med and went on my way.  Luckily I opened it when I got home and noticed the pharmacist had not even set the dose.  You have to set it and lock it in place for the thing to work.  Luckily I knew how to do it and I am glad I checked and didn't leave that for someone to find who needed it for Anna and didn't know how to lock the dose.  So ladies and gentlemen, that is how closely CVS is checking the dosages on your prescriptions-  so closely that valium could have been as much as 10 mg off.  Oh and just to be clear- there was also a big red tag sticking out of the valium box that said something to the effect of "STOP (with a big red stop sign)!  Pharmacist must dial the dose before dispensing.  Pharmacist to remove this paper after locking dose."  Lucky for Kenneth, he has his own insurance through his job and can stay with the local place.  The kids and I can't though and I am not at all happy about it!  So I was already pissed about the pharmacy fiasco and then I got a another letter that was a denial of coverage for Anna's tube feeding formula.  So let me get this right- the same company that paid to put the gbutton in, and pays for the pump and related supplies, does not see the tube feeding as medically necessary to pay for because Anna does not receive 100% of her nutrition through the tube.  This is nothing less then insane.  I will be on the horn with them first thing in the morning.  This is a battle I am geared up to fight and I will win!  You want to know what chaps my hide even more?  They will pay for whatever people need when it comes to obesity because apparently that can make people sick.  Newsflash United Healthcare, being grossly underweight isn't exactly healthy either.  A nurse I work with was able to get her Medifast food covered because she is "pre-diabetic" and needed to loose about 15 pounds.  I am happy for her that she was able to get what she needed.  But we can't get tube feeding?  How exactly do they justify that?  

And now for the rest of the details which will be delivered bullet style because I am tired (or lazy?):
  • I am enrolled in school...AGAIN.  I will be getting a bachelor's in nursing.  I already have an associates degree in nursing.  The education will change nothing about my job.  Currently the hospital will pay for my schooling and I decided I better take advantage of that.  I'm sure the program won't be around forever and I will be kicking myself later if i have to pay for something that could have been free.
  • Carly attended another sibshop through Cook Children's at a place called Rocky Top Ranch.  Let me just say this is an amazing place with amazing people.  My hats off to all of the volunteers who made Camp Courage happen.  
  • Gabe is part monkey.  He is 19 months old and climbing EVERYTHING!  I found him climbing the stove tonight while my back was turned- I was in the kitchen.  He is that quick.  I'm a pro at child proofing a house but monkey proofing will prove to be a whole other realm.  The third child...oye!
  • We dumped the Dish and got a Roku box.  That's a smooth $75 extra in my pocket every month.  Nice!  The only downfall is the availability of that damn purple dinosaur named Barney 24/7.
  • I don't care if people want to use coupons and price match.  I'm glad they can do that.  But really- shouldn't those people have their own line at the check out?  I always get behind the couponing price matching queen.  Shouldn't there be some perks for paying full price?
Well, the dryer is done, the kids are asleep, the husband is not currently snoring, and I am tired SO all of that together equals time for me to hit the hay.  Night!