Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have been bugging the school for about 2 months now to get Anna's testing done to get her set up to start speech therapy as soon as she turns three. They would tell me they would get it done and then I would never hear anything. I think they were just saying whatever they thought would appease me. Anyway, today I actually called and spoke directly with the speech therapist and voila, progress was made. We will have a preliminary IEP meeting on November 30th and go over her previous testing and do some new testing. Then she will be evaluated on December 10th by PT and OT to see if they can help her. She is getting some pretty bad in toeing of her right foot/leg so I hope maybe they can help with that. We had an ortho appointment scheduled for last week but since Anna ended up in the hospital I had to cancel the appointment. I am hoping the PT can maybe make some recommendations about AFOs and that sort of thing. If not then I will reschdule the ortho. Anyway, once all of that is done then we will have the official IEP meeting and get started with her therapy again. Her vocabulary has improved so much but her articulation is horrible. That makes sense since articulation is a fine motor skill. All in all, I am happy I finally made some progress with the school and feel we are moving in the right direction.

I rushed home after work to meet with Carly's teacher for a parent/teacher conference. I really had problems with Carly's teacher earlier in the year but she is starting to grow on me. She said Carly is doing really well except for all of the backwards writing she does. I am still working on the whole dyslexia thing- that is another ongoing battle with the school. I bet they love me! I really think the after school tutoring is doing Carly a world of good and I am thankful for it!

At about 5 pm tonight they called a code blue at work. Luckily I was not in charge today and therefore did not have to respond because it ended up being a 2 year old whose heart stopped in the midst of a seizure. Great, just what I wanted to hear! This is why I am so afraid to move Anna out of our bed. At this rate she will be 16 and still sleeping tucked in between mommy and daddy. She has done really well the past week as far as I can tell. I have not noticed any seizures. Either she has not had them or I am sucking at noticing them. (Well apparently I do suck at noticing the daytime ones since I didn't even know they were happening.) Anyway, I do not know if it the medicine finally building up enough in her system, or the prayers, or both, but something is working and I am so thankful! She still is not sleeping much at night but a wise man (or mother) once said it is far better to be awake and smiling than awake and seizing...

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