Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exerting Control

I somehow just erased my signature on this post but oh well, it isn't like you don't know my name by now. Today has actually been a relatively good day. Anna slept in until almost 9. She woke up happy and off to the playroom we went. She played for a few minutes and then just fell asleep sitting up. We came back to the room where she ate a few bites of pancake and then proceeded to fall asleep face first into her breakfast tray. I wiped the syrup off and laid her down. She slept until 2 pm. I talked to the nurse because I was worried about her sleeping so much. She just could not keep her eyes open and she has never been like that before. We reviewed her medications and they are the same here as at home. She said it was just stress. I don't really buy that but whatever. She finally woke up and although she still looks kind of drunk, she has been playing nicely since. She is funny though. I guess she feels so little control in this situation that she has decided to exert what control she does have. That has come in the form of refusal to speak. She will say a few words to me and she spoke to my friend Amy (because she brought tacos and queso last night) but when it comes to staff she is mute. She will flash a cute smile but that is it. The anesthesiologist came by earlier and said her MRI is scheduled for 8 am. I hope we get to go home soon after that. Not much else going on here. Just sitting around waiting for, well, who knows what we are waiting for...

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