Monday, February 28, 2011

Gabe Update #4

My sweet boy did not feed well throughout the night last night so he got the dreaded NG tube this morning. He doesn't seem to mind it. Right now they are alternating gavage feedings with bottle feedings. He gets 40 ml gavage and 30 ml bottle feeds. Luckily my milk has come in so we are not having to use formula anymore and he seems to be tolerating that better. HE is super gassy but I'm wondering if my diet is contributing to that. I am going to cut a few things out and see if that helps. He has also been hypertensive today. They rechecked his blood pressure a million times and checked it in all 4 limbs but it continued to be high. They are going to just watch it for a day or two. Hopefully it will correct itself. If not he will need a work-up for renal artery issues. I'm not too concerned because even if it is a renal problem the doctor said it is easily treated with meds and that the babies outgrow it. His bilirubin went up a bit more but he still did not need the lights. I suspect now that he is getting more to eat that his levels will start to come down. He is already spoiled. Kenneth and I spent the morning with him and then we left to go eat lunch. When we got back the nurses had him at the desk holding him. They said he had been crying and so they just kept him with them. He is just so cute, how could they not spoil him? We have had all great nurses but our day nurse yesterday and today has been awesome. She is off tomorrow and I hate that but they have all been good to Gabe and to us so no worries. I am falling asleep as I type this so I am off to bed for a couple of hours until Medela (my pump) and I meet again. Until tomorrow...

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  1. I love these updates. It makes me want to try again even having to potentially deal with PE =0( MAYBE!