Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Game Over

I had an OB appointment yesterday. My b/p was up still. It is a bit higher each week. My OB and I had a good chat about 34-35 weekers and we decided together that it is time to get this baby out. I will go in early Thursday morning to be induced. TMI- I'm already a 2 and 100% so it hopefully will go smoothly. My labor with Anna was only about 2 hours from the start of induction and I'm hoping this one will be just as quick and easy. I think I deserve that much! Dr. Cummings thinks Gabe will probably need a little NICU time but hopefully not much. He is afraid he will have "wimpy white boy syndrome." Apparently little white boys seem to mature their lungs later than others. Either way, he will be here safe and sound and I am so relieved. I am not sure how much more my nerves could take. I was crying at my appointment and telling Dr. Cummings how I know he is alive in there because he is kicking and twisting and punching with all his might but I just can't get past worrying about his brain. I lay awake at night begging him just to hold on for a little while longer. It has gotten more emotional with each passing day. I am so ready to be able to see him and hold him! Kenneth is doing quite well after his surgery. He goes back Friday for another minor clean out in the office and then he should be good to go. I am kind of glad he will get a little more time off since the baby is coming because I was afraid of him going back to work too soon and putting an air pack on during a fire and busting his surgery all up. By the time he goes back he should be all healed up. Carly and Anna continue to do well also and are excited about Gabe getting here. Carly is calling him Gabe and Anna is calling him "Brudder" or "Baby Brudder" or "Bobo." Don't ask me where Bobo came from, I don't know, but I am really discouraging it...


  1. Yea for doctors who listen!
    I can understand the anxiety that you've had these last few weeks/days...just think that he's almost here!
    My nephew was one of those little white boy babies in the NICU weighing in just at 2 lbs at 28 weeks. Now he's 12, 5'6'' and about 140 lbs...

  2. Yeah! for you and your family, Jamie. What a long haul. Best wishes and prayers for you on Thursday and every minute in between.

    "Bobo" in our house is Nate's name for Elmo. It would be just perfect if Gabe turned out to be a furry red monster.

  3. Praying for you and baby Gabe. I can't wait to see pictures!!

    ~Wendy (Decker) Chambers

  4. I'll be thinking of you and Gabe - I can't wait for you to hold your sweet baby boy!