Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gabe Update #3

We were told yesterday that Gabe might get to come home on Monday. I told Kenneth I was not going to get my hopes up so that I wouldn't be devastated if he didn't get to come home. I got to the hospital today and sure enough, that plan had been scratched. As they tried to go up on his feeds, he quit wanting to eat. They decreased the amount he is supposed to take to 30 ml every 3 hours. He has 30 minutes to finish the feeding. He did poor the first two feedings at that rate and then did better the next 2. If he has one more bad feeding then he will have to have an NG tube and they will gavage whatever he doesn't finish in the 30 minute period. His bilirubin was up more too so they will redraw that tonight and see where he is. He had a few desats today but I did not see any bradys while I was there so that is good. Overall he is still doing quite well. He just needs a little more time to grow and mature before he is ready to come home. For the most part he has been really sleepy and I've only seen his eyes open 1 or 2 times. He had a period today where he was really alert and looking around. He seemed to follow voices and be trying to focus a little bit. This little boy has stolen my heart! We will head up there in the morning again after taking the girls to school. I pray that he has a good night and we get good news. Until then I'll be sleeping and pumping...


  1. Jamie,

    He is just precious!! Praying he comes home soon.

    ~Wendy (Decker) Chambers

  2. He is so beautiful Jamie :) People asked me how I was handling the wait so well (even though it was only 2 days after they finally let me home!) and I replied that he had the most qualified babysitters I could ask for (and also couldn't afford!).

    Gabe seems to be doing wonderfully :)