Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gabe Update #2

I was discharged today and am home. It feels good to be home but it was really hard to leave my sweet baby boy at the hospital. He is progressing nicely though and hopefully will be home early next week. He is doing a better about tolerating his feedings with the formula switch. He is still only taking 32ml (about 1 ounce) every 3 hours so he is not where he needs to be yet but he's getting there. As they increase the feeds he seems to be taking the bottle less and less easily. The neonatologist had told us to expect that though. I am ultimately going to breast feed and am pumping religiously but just have very little supply at this time. It has only been about 48 hours though so I am not worried. I know he will also tolerate the breast milk better than the formula too so I am ready for the milk to arrive. His platelets had been low and his hematocrit high but they were back to normal today. His bilirubin is up but not dangerous so for now they are just watching it. He did have quite a few desats and bradys today while sleeping so although I want him home I feel comfort knowing he is where he is and he is being watched closely. Thank you again for all of the prayers and thoughts. Everyone has been so kind! Just to look at that sweet baby boy it reminds me that miracles do happen...


  1. Gabe looks like an angel, and you look beautiful, Jamie! Motherhood suits you well :) I love you--all FIVE of you!