Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet Peace

What a difference a day makes. We left the hospital yesterday and picked up Carly and came home. Kenneth did well on the way home except for a little nausea but he gets car sick easily anyway so I wasn't too surprised. His pain has been well controlled and really pretty minimal anyway. He bled quite a bit yesterday but he didn't stop his aspirin until 2 days before the surgery so that wasn't too unusual- plus that area is pretty vascular I would think. Anyway, he slept off and on during the night. For about the past year we have slept in separate rooms. We would occasionally start out in the same room but one of us always ended up moving because of the snoring. Since I've been pregnant and uncomfortable I've mostly just slept on the couch and let him have the bed. It is much easier to get up and down from the couch. Lately it had gotten so bad that he was in the bedroom and I was on the couch on opposite sides of the house and his snoring would still wake me up. I would have to get up and shut the bedroom door but could still hear him with the bedroom TV on, the living room TV on, and the door shut. I secretly looked forward to him being on duty so I could have quiet in the house at night. But the poor guys at the station, I felt so sorry for them because the station is pretty small and they could not escape the noise. They were even jokingly offering to pay for the surgery if it would just shut Kenneth up. Anyway, last night, even with his swollen nostrils, for the first time in years, he did not snore. He had to sleep in the recliner because he is supposed to keep his head at least 30 degrees but even before he would snore sitting up. We actually spent a whole entire night in the room together. It was amazing. I owe Dr. DeFreitas our marriage- I think he saved it. Not really, our marriage was never in jeopardy, but not being able to ever sleep in the same bed is not a good thing for a marriage. Anyway, I could not be happier and neither could Kenneth. Even Carly commented on how quiet daddy was last night. It is amazing what clogged sinuses and a deviated septum can do. Carly stayed home again today. Her fever is gone but I wanted to give her one more day to recuperate. She has been so sweet and really helped take care of her daddy. I guess she just had a virus but it was weird to get the fever 4 days into the virus rather than at the beginning. Whatever- I'm just glad she is feeling better. She did give me the virus but I will survive. It could be way worse! Gabe has been super active yesterday and today. I am so glad because it has eased my mind. My b/p is still up but is to be expected. My mom sent me a text message and let me know they made it to Tel Aviv without any problems. I am so excited for them to get to spend 2 weeks there. It is a trip my dad has wanted to take forever and I am so glad they finally got to go. So all in all things are great. We are all on the mend and looking forward to a low key weekend. God is good all the time..

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