Monday, February 14, 2011

24 Hour Countdown

My OB appointment this morning went well. B/P was up but that is to be expected. The ultrasound lady at the office was backed up so I was sent to the hospital for a BPP, NST, and labs. They all looked fine. I started a 24 hour urine and it will be completed at 11 am tomorrow. I was told to stay in Denton tomorrow after dropping the urine off until they get the results and to come with my bags packed. If it is elevated then we will be meeting little Gabe tomorrow. If it is ok then we will press on for another week. The only problem with delivery tomorrow is that Kenneth is scheduled for sinus surgery on Wednesday. We will just have to reschedule that if we have a baby tomorrow. He really needs the surgery but we really need a healthy baby too. Only time will tell...

1 comment:

  1. praying for you and Gabe, Jamie (which is huge because I hardly ever pray - I know bad of me but I am making an effort).

    Know that you have someone you have never met, halfway across the country in Boston, who will be thinking about you constantly tomorrow.

    If you feel comfy with it - I would love to have your address to send you something. E-mail me if you want!

    Good luck and I will be thinking of you!

    (PS- yah, that sucks about the sinus surgery - but I guess things could be great tomorrow and you could try for 35 weeks!!!!)