Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Al Gore is So Very Wrong

Anna, Makenzie, and Carly (they lasted about 5 minutes)

The view from my front porch

We have been so lucky during this ice and snow. Kenneth was able to make it to work safely and had very few runs on his shift. We did lose power but only for about 4 hours and it was during the late night/early morning hours while we were still in bed so the girls and I just snuggled and kept warm. Just about the time we were going to get out of bed it came back on. The girls have had excellent behavior for being stuck inside for 2 days now. Kenneth made it home safely this morning and was able to take the girls out 4 wheeling for a few minutes. He spent longer getting them bundled up than they actually spent outside but it got it out of their system and they were content to stay inside after that. This afternoon I was getting cabin fever really bad so we ventured out to my parent's house. It is only about 5 miles from our house. It was a slippery ride there and one I would not have ever made on my own. My car wouldn't have made it up our hill anyway. Thank goodness for 4WD. The kids were happy to have different scenery and they played together nicely. Kenneth and I played a game called sequence with my parents and had a good time. It was dark when we came home and much more slippery than before. I think a few times Kenneth slipped around on purpose just to watch me freak out. He's a man...he's allowed. Two years ago I left for work on an icy day and crashed into an 18 wheeler, spun around, and crashed into another 18 wheeler before going off the road. I do not have fond memories of that day and so ice really freaks me out. Carly is out of school again tomorrow and then her school was already out on Friday so she does not have school until Monday. I hope she continues to be as sweet during these days as she has been so far. Yesterday I told Anna to go do something, I don't recall what, and she said "I can't. My doctor say I have to lay down." I guess she listens to me more than I thought...


  1. 1) I'm glad that you are doing so well

    2) The snow looks beautiful. It almost makes me wish that I didn't live in FL...almost...

    3) I love the game, Sequence, because I always win when I play against my husband

    4) LOL-ed at your daughter's response. She's got moxie!

  2. I have a sister who recently moved to Oklahoma and I'm totally amazed by the crazy weather there. I just got an email from her and after 5 foot drifts and -20 windchill, the temperatures are expected to be in the 50's. Wow, I don't know if I could handle the ups and downs. At least in Montana we have a chance to get acclimated to the cold and then slowly thawed for summer. I do know how you feel about cabin fever though.

    Anyway, I'm so glad to see you are almost to 34 weeks. I love the name Gabe too. Take care, our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm willing to wait a few more weeks to see pictures of your little guy.