Monday, October 4, 2010

Why I Suck At Being Pregnant Part II

TMI so only read further if you really want to know... I have been having increasing difficulty urinating, almost to the point of needing to go have a catheter placed. I have tried to just deal with it but a full bladder that you cannot empty can get pretty painful. So I went to see my OB this morning and I have something called an incarcerated uterus. Basically my uterus is retroverted which is usually no big deal because it is that way in about 30% of women. During pregnancy as the uterus grows up and into the abdomen it usually flips into the right position. Instead of flipping, mine is caught on my pelvic bone and not moving up. It is still getting bigger though so it is blocking my ureters and thus I cannot urinate. He manually repositioned my uterus in the office this morning. Um, yeah, not fun. Not fun then and for sure not fun right now as I am still cramping like a mad woman. If it stays where he positioned it then great. If not, it will have to be fixed under anesthesia. I am praying every time I walk to the bathroom that I can pee, I do not want to be back in the hospital until it is time for delivery. Geez, can't I do anything normal?

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