Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seizure Update

Anna woke up bright eyed this morning and you couldn't even tell she had a rough night. She was all excited to go to school because her class is carving a pumpkin today. So I went ahead and took her to school. I told her teacher about last night and to call if she has any further seizures. She usually does not have them during the day so I feel fairly confident she will be OK at school and have a good day. I called the neurologist's office and they got back to me pretty quickly. Dr. Hernandez does not think it was the Neurontin but rather just a coincidence. We are to hold the Neurontin tonight and see how she does. Then we are supposed to give it on Thursday night and see how it goes. If it happens again then it is the medicine. If it does not happen again then it is all coincidence. He did call her in some Diastat though that we are to give her if she has more than 2 seizures back to back or 1 seizure that lasts longer than 2 minutes. The Diastat is Valium in a rectal gel. I have had some people ask what her seizures are like. If I were smart I would video them for the doctor. Maybe I'll think of that next time. She starts with a chewing/smacking of her mouth, then she starts to breathe kind of heavy, then her right hand starts to twitch and her eyes start to flutter up and down, and then she commences to twitching all over. He did call these "cluster" seizures. I asked if one cluster would lead to more clusters and he said it is different in each kid. We will just have to wait and see. Before I couldn't sleep because Anna wouldn't sleep. Now I am afraid to sleep because I am afraid this will happen again and I might not be awake or wake up. Will I ever sleep again? Guess we'll wait and see on that one too...

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  1. I can't even imagine going through this. As if moms don't have enough to get through each day. You are such a strong woman with a great positive outlook. Hoping that these episodes calm down & that the medicine (the correct medicine) helps!