Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Memory

Ethel Scivally

We buried my great grandmother this morning. Her death was not something to mourn. She lived 97 years and up until the last year or two she lived independently in her own home. I feel so blessed to have known her, loved her, and had her in my life for 33 years, I do not know too many people who at 33 years old still have a great grandmother, let alone 2. Although "Mother Scivally" (as she was known) is gone, I still have one more great grandmother alive who is also still living independently in her own home. Mother has left behind such a legacy! She was what a grandmother should be and although she will be missed my heart smiles to know that she is in heaven with her husband, son, grandson, and many others who departed before her. She married just prior to the Great Depression and she knew what it meant to struggle and sacrifice. She raised 4 successful sons and endured the death of an infant son. She was a farmer and rancher all her life and it was nothing to see her at 90 years old out in the pasture working cattle. She loved to play jokes, play in the creek, fish, and garden but ablove all she loved the Lord. The only difficult thing about her death has been watching my grandfather who is in ill health himself cry and look like a little boy because I guess no matter how old you get it is never easy to lose your mother. One of my great grandmother's son's, Uncle Don, wrote a lovely poem about her as he watched her deteriorate over the past year. I think it is such a fitting tribute.

Today I sat be mother's bedside
She is so frail and weak
It seems like only yesterday
That her life was at its peak.

We would work in the field together
My brothers, mother, dad, and me
The time we worked together
Was how life was supposed to be.

Mom would work until eleven
Her time was stretched so thin
She would prepare a meal for hungry boys
Then yell a piercing scream to call the family in.

Married just before the depression
Mom and Dad struggled to get ahead
Their tales of working sun to sun
Just to keep the family fed.

There was fierce determination
A better life to provide
And the fact of her success
I now look back on with pride.

Life was more than work
She knew how to have some fun
From playing in the creek with kids
And showing how snowball fights were done.

Through the years of joy and heartache
She has lived a Godly life
And she serves as a good example
Of mother, friend, and wife.

Memories are our vessel
To turn back the hands of time
As I remember my childhood
When she was in her prime.

Now I'm looking forward
To a home almost complete
When life here is finished
And we stand at Jesus' feet.

In my mind to see the family
Complete as it used to be
Health problems all behind us
For God has set us free.

Yes, today there is a sadness
And a teardrop in my eye
As I watch mother's failing body
Her little boy will cry.

But there's victory in the morning
And the sun will always shine
As I hear the Master calling to the family
"Children, come and dine."

Don Scivally

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