Friday, July 2, 2010

Already 6?

When Carly says her prayers at night, she has been praying frequently for a puppy so that she can have an animal that is all her own. I have told her repeatedly that we do not need another dog so if she wants one she will need to ask Santa Clause and maybe he will bring her one. Yesterday was her 6th birthday. We had already had her party so we didn't have any big plans for the day. She and I went and got pedicures together and then went and had lunch. We were on our way to run a few errands when I saw something in the road- and nearly ran over it. I quickly realized it was a tiny kitten. I went back and got the kitten out of the road. Carly was so excited because the kitty "knew it was my birthday and that I wanted a pet of my very own." How could I tell her no? I couldn't and besides, he was super cute. Never doubt the power of prayer! She named him Cameron. We went by the vet to see how old he was so we could feed him the right thing and they said he looks to be about 8 weeks old. He is so tiny and so cute and sweet. He loves to snuggle. And the best part- he is already using the litter box! After giving Cameron a 30 minute flea bath and getting him settled we grilled burgers and had cake and that was about it. I cannot believe I have a 6 year old. She is so amazing and my life is so much sweeter because she is in it.

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