Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Think Dante Must Have Had An EEG

This post will be short. I have volumes to say but cannot hold my eyes open any longer and I have to work tomorrow. I tried to take a nap today but my mind will not stop racing and trying to wrap itself around what has happened the past few days. I would be lying if I said I was not scared to death to leave Anna tomorrow, but I have to. I promised to update tonight so here I am. The sleep deprivation was a visit to the 8th circle of hell and the EEG itself was the 9th circle. I am certain this is what Dante must have been referring to in his book. Anyway, the test is over and we know nothing. We should hopefully hear back from the neurologist tomorrow and get a game plan. The EEG can show seizure activity or not- it does not either rule in or out the diagnosis of epilepsy. The diagnosis is more based on seizures- which she has had. I am expecting she will need medication. I will update tomorrow after work when I know more.


  1. EEG's do suck. That is all.

  2. ugh, I hate EEGs and yet I want to do a 24 hour one?! Mostly because the one we had 2 years ago didn't show one but our doc saw one (they're jerks, or startles) so he's on Clonazepam. Not to control them, necessarily, because I guess it's hard, but to help him sleep, reduce spasticity, etc.

    I'm praying for Anna and of course you and your family!