Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back To Elecare

They wanted to go swimming but it was raining. I compromised with the kiddie pool in the yard.

This is still a 12 month bathing suit. Grrrr

I finally talked to the dietitian yesterday and we decided to switch Anna back to Elecare. Thank goodness it is going through her tube this time because that means the insurance will help pay for it. It is something like $40-50 dollars a can and our budget just cannot handle that right now. We will have to add Duocal to get the calories back to 1.5/ml but that is fine. We have used Duocal before and Anna seemed to tolerate it without any problems. She also was able to tell me how much free water to add. I feel like we have a plan and I feel relieved. She said Anna needs about 1400 calories/day. We are no where near that now but hopefully will be able to get there soon. I did give Anna a 4 oz bolus yesterday and for the first time ever, she didn't puke after a bolus. She didn't complain about a stomach ache either. Yay for Elecare! The only downside is that it only comes as a powder so we have to mix it where the Peptamen came as a liquid but that is s small price to pay. I guess it will be easier to travel with though so that is good.

I took Carly for her 6 year old well child check and Zoloft check today. All is well with her. She is 49 lbs and 49 inches tall. That is 95% for height and %75 for weight. Her BMI is like 25% so she is at a low risk for obesity. I am so glad she got her build from her daddy! I do not want her to have the fat battle that I struggle with. Dr. Goff said she is doing "perfectly." It feels so good to hear a doctor say "perfectly" when referring to my child. I rarely hear that when we are at the doctor since we are usually there with Anna. Not that Anna is any less perfect, she just isn't medically perfect.

I am off work for the next 6 days. I did not really plan for those days off but it just worked out that way. I am not sad about it. Kenneth took a day off too which for him means 5 days off so we can enjoy some time together. We might even fit a date night in there. Just the two of us, together. What a concept...

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  1. Well, a plan is good. I can't believe that is a twelve month suit! She looks bigger than that!

    If my child was in the 95th percentile for height I'd have to ask for a DNA test--Hubby and are short. Charlie is so tiny, people could barely believe he was two and now he's three. No telling what they're going to say now.