Tuesday, July 6, 2010


There is not one certain thing on my mind today. I am actually quite scatterbrained. A bulleted post maybe you say? Good idea, I think I will.

  • I am waiting on the dietitian from Dr. Ogunmola's office to call me back. Anna has this thirst we cannot seem to quench. Her blood sugar is fine so it isn't that. I think she needs more free water in her tube feeds but I am afraid of overdoing it so I need the dietitian to calculate how much water she needs and what her calories need to be at now that she is losing weight again.
  • I am pretty sure the pyloroplasty will be happening sometime soon after we get back from vacation. Anna's oral intake is crappy.
  • I took Carly and Kacy swimming today and it started storming on us. Boo! Anyway, I went after that and picked up Anna and took all three of them to their Meme for the night. Kenneth is on duty. I am all alone tonight and could not be happier. I need a few moments to just chill by myself!
  • When I took the kids to their Meme, I had to drop them off in the parking lot at Dr. K's office because Meme had taken Collyn to see anther Dr. in that practice. I I drive by that place daily when I go into town and have finally gotten to where I don't get nauseated every time I drive by but the parking lot was a whole new territory. Some days I imagine what it would be like to run into him and have him say he is sorry- most days I know that will never happen. Oh well, I am allowed to dream right. My forgiveness does not hinge on his "I'm sorry" but I think you never stop wanting that anyway.
  • The kitty is growing already and is still so sweet. It was a good move to bring him home.
  • I am having baby fever again. It is super bad. I had to go for my yearly appointment (I had not been since my 6 week check up after having Anna) and loved the Dr. He has been delivering babies for 25 years and trained at Parkland. He said I should go for it. He says if I get PE early again he would just try to get me safely to 31-32 weeks and then deliver. I left there feeling hopeful. I haven't been hopeful in so long. It felt so good. Kenneth and I are on the fence about it again. I am praying about it. We'll see what happens...
  • I am getting excited about going back to Destin this summer. I can't wait to see my sister and her family. I hope the beach is not full of oil, but even if it is we will have a blast!
  • We have a 30ish year old patient who has been in our ICU and in a coma for over a month. We had all pretty much (including the neurologists) given up on him ever getting better. His mom would not give up. She just prayed and kept telling us he was still in there. Well, I should know better than to ever doubt a mother. He woke up yesterday. It was truly miraculous and brought many a tear to the eyes of the ICU!
  • We had a great 4th of July and hope you did too!

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