Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Waking Up?

I cannot find the logic to explain what has happened and I didn't believe it at first but it has continued so I really now think there is a connection. The Thursday that Anna had her first seizures, she started eating. I don't just mean nibbling. I mean eating. Volumes. So much that we have not tube fed her since that day. We went from struggling to get her to eat 2 bites to her wanting to eat 2 servings at each meal. She is eating all types of foods and textures without any problem. I know it is probably wishful thinking but I wonder if the seizures could be her brain "waking up" from the damage. Since we stopped the tube feeding we also stopped the erythromycin that she was getting to help her motility. Apparently that was a good decision because it can raise tegretol levels. The neuro's office called today to tell us to go get a tegretol level due to the erythromycin but since we had already stopped it we were able to not do the blood draw. Anna went back to daycare today for the first time since the seizures started. I am nervous but I have to let her be a kid. Her teachers are awesome and I know they will keep a watchful eye on her. I again realize I am so blesses to have a place I can take my special needs child and know she will be watched closely but still be allowed to act like a "normal" child. Again, I realize that Anna has taught me to find the blessings in things I never imagined before.

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  1. Getting caught up here! I'm sorry about Anna and the napping, but let me tell you that I do believe it can get better. We experimented with Charlie's medicine and bit, but now we have the opposite problem--he doesn't always sleep enough!

    I have heard about children who experience developmental gains after seizures. I have not seen it personally, but I have heard of it, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.