Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Broken Promises

After Anna's last appointment at the GI, I made a promise to myself that I would no longer weigh Anna except at her appointments. I would feed her all she would eat and tube feed her daily and not worry in the in between times. Her last appointment was in May and I had done so well...until yesterday. Without really even thinking I just threw her onto the scale. What a mistake!!! She has lost weight again. She was up to 26 lbs at her last appointment. I just knew with the progress we made in daytime tube feedings that her weight was going up. I was so wrong. She weighed in yesterday at 23.8 lbs and she is 39 inches tall at 31 months. Boo!!! It is amazing the insanity that comes with an underweight child. I am back to obsessing about each and every calorie she eats. Here is the latest growth chart and I am not really all too pleased with it. I know it is difficult to see but it has length on top and she is 100% and the bottom is weight and she is less than the 5%. I just do not understand how she can be getting more calories and still losing weight. Any ideas?

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