Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daytime Pumping

I normally do not let the dogs in the house but my nephew and his friend were outside shooting clay pigeons and the dogs freaked out. Anna decided to read books to Rocko so he would go to sleep.

After she finished reading she said,"shhh, Ocko seepy." (Shhhh, Rocko is sleeping)

Then I told her to go put her crayons and books in her room. She told me,"No, I seepy wif Ocko." (No, I'm sleeping with Rocko)

I received some really good news today. I spoke with the daycare director who said she would be more than happy to do whatever she could to help Anna including daytime pump feedings!!! I am so excited that maybe this will allow Anna to get the calories she needs without vomiting all the time and it will free her up from the pump at night. I have to give an inservice type thing to train the teachers how it works and what to do and all that jazz but I am confident they can handle it. I think I will teach them at the beginning of next week and then start after that. I cannot stress how much of an answered prayer this is! Here is what the backpack looks like. It holds the pump and 500ml of food.

And here is Carly going "superfast hyperblast" on her bike (as she calls it)


  1. Hey mama! I saw your last post about getting Anna's name on her back pack. If you have a back up pack & could send that one to me I'd be happy to "bling" it up for her with her name, ribbon, rhinestones etc. Just let me know!! Or if any basic small backpack would work I could just go get one (maybe in pink!)

  2. Trish,
    That would be awesome! I will have to order an extra (have been needing to anyway) because it has compartments for the pump, food, etc and a place on the side for the tubing to come out. When I get it in I will get your address. Thanks so much!

  3. she is so sweet and beautiful.. i LOVE the pics with the dog :)

    carly is just as beautiful as her sister and this pic makes me miss childhood..

  4. Sounds good! When I send you the one "blinged up" you can send me the other. Maybe I can do a pastel & and a primary color one. Or an animal print one and one in shades of pink. You can let me know what she'd like (or you'd like) best. :)