Sunday, June 20, 2010

Awesome Things

I had a great birthday today but there were far more awesome things going on! It was also Father's Day and that was great, too, but still not the most awesome thing going on today. My brother in law has been in Iraq for 6 months. He is a surgeon and had the task of caring for wounded soldiers and Iraqi's also. My sister got word a couple of weeks ago that he would be coming home but she was somehow able to keep it a secret from the kids. Today, on Father's Day, my sister pretended it was business as usual and took the kids to Sunday school. She then left and went to the base and picked up Anthony. She got back to the church and Anthony picked his kids up from their classes- much to their surprise. Ainsley and Sam were overjoyed. Charlie was only 5 months old when Anthony left so I am not sure how excited he really was. I cannot imagine my sister's excitement. I am so proud of how she has kept everything under control while he was gone. They are a family to be admired! I must confess there was a time when my sister first married Anthony that I did not like him very much. I was so jealous that he had my sister's time and that I was no longer her #1. As with all things, time makes it better and now he is a person I love and am so proud to call my brother! If these pictures do not make you proud to be an American then nothing will!

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  1. My husband wanted to do that and surprise our kids when he got back from Iraq, but he was too excited to be coming home that there was no way that he could keep it a secret.