Friday, June 18, 2010

We Will All Have Fins

I think we will all have fins by the end of summer! We went swimming after work last night and again today. The kids cannot seem to get enough of it. Anna went to daycare today so she was not with us. As I have said before, Anna takes up most of my time and so Carly needs and deserves some time with me and without her sister. She and Kenzie worked on perfecting their "twist" as they call if when coming off the slide. I covered them with sunscreen and then went to put it on myself and the can ran out. I love the aerosol kind but it is hard to tell when it is almost empty. They were adequately protected, me, not so much. I am already quite red and have only been gone from the pool for about 2 hours. I know it will continue to get worse for hours to come. Oh well, I would much rather have the sunburn than have to have sunburned kids who whine about it every 30 seconds. Moral of the story, carry more than one can of sunscreen with me at a time- I guess that is why they sold it in a 2 pack.

Kenneth's truck was having problems yesterday so he took it to the shop and they said it was a bad cam sensor (whatever that is) that needs to be replaced. They ordered the part and will put it on early next week. The weird thing is that the cam sensor on my car went out last year. What is this cam sensor and is it totally normal for them to go out on two different vehicles within a year? (Don't worry, I'm getting to the point) So Carly hears what the part Kenneth needs is and says to him,"Hmm, Momma had to put a new one of those on her car before." So my question is this- why can my 5 year old remember the names of random car parts but cannot seem to remember that her dirty underwear goes in the laundry and not in her floor? Just wondering...

Anna is still doing well with her daytime feedings. Her regular teacher was gone today and the sub got a bit freaked out and thought Anna's button had come out. I arrived to pick her up and found the teachers frantically calling me and Kenneth. Everything was fine. I again assured them they are not going to hurt her and even if the button were to come out not to panic, it will be ok.

I am off work for 4 days and am quite excited. Father's day and my birthday are both Sunday so we will hopefully do something fun. Kenneth is also off Saturday and Sunday. Yay for a family filled weekend!

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  1. that's kind of what I keep getting freaked out about because the nurses have said it soo much. Go to the ER if it comes out! Finally a nurse explained to me that they just didn't want it to close.

    I'm also a little freaked out by the balloon thing. I get the concept but a balloon in the stomach? crazy!