Sunday, June 27, 2010

2pm-4pm = 2pm-9am?

We had Carly's 6th birthday party yesterday. She wanted a pool party so that is what we had. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about having a bunch of kids in the pool and feeling responsible for their safety but all went well. There were enough adults there to help me keep eyes on the kids and that helped. The party was supposed to be from 2-4 but ended up lasting until this morning because a bunch of the little girls ended up spending the night. We had 5 little girls in addition to my own. It was our first slumber party and I must say I am exhausted! 2 of the little girls just could not go to sleep and were up until 1 this morning. I kept trying to go to sleep but then I would hear the pitter patter of their feet running up and down the hallway and I would have to get up again. They are all gone home now and I am not sad about that! Carly had a great time though and that was what it was all about. She had asked my parents for a tent for her birthday and they went all out! She and all of her friends were planning on spending the night in the tent outside and were all settled with their bedding and then the neighbors son who is 7 came over and shook the tent and scared them half to death. Wow, 6 year old girls can really squeal! That was the official end of spending the night in the tent. So after a night of partying I am ready for a nap. I partied all night a lot in college but I think this was far more exhausting, or maybe I am getting old.

I wrote this post this morning and have been trying to post it with pictures all day and blogger is not cooperating. GRRR. Anyway, Carly went to Vacation Bible School all week last week and tonight was their performance night. It was awesome to see her so excited about her performance- she did an awesome job, they all did! If you get a chance to send your child to the "Saddle Ridge Ranch" (that is the name of the VBS cirriculum used in a lot of churches this year) you should really send your kid! Carly learned so much valuable stuff this year. Most importantly she learned that "I am who the great I Am says I am. He says that I am remarkably wonderfully made, and I am who he says I am."

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