Thursday, May 15, 2008


For the first day since Anna's diagnosis I did not cry. I guess I'm just all out of tears but I'm really hoping to not get a new shipment of them in anytime soon. I had a crazy day at work which included getting my butt kicked (along with 5 other nurses) by an 80 year old woman. I cannot believe I am even admitting to that but I thought it was quite impressive on her part. She had me by the necklace and was holding on for dear life as she began kicking her legs up over her head in an attempt to get us all to let go so she could pull her tube out. Intubation without sedation is never a good thing... I have to work again tomorrow so I'm hoping to not go on to have round 2 with her. The girls have been great tonight. Kenneth said he did a lot of stretching exercises with Anna today. I am so glad to see him getting involved with her care. I hope that soon we will be back to seeing her just as Anna and not as our baby that has CP. She has got to be a child, not a diagnosis. Kenneth keeps reminding me how early I have to get up so I guess I better go to bed. He said one of the guys at the station kept him up last night snoring. I must call and congratulate and thank that guy- revenge is sweet sometimes.

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