Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pie Bandit

I had to work yesterday and today so I've not had any time to post. I sometimes have a little down time at work but not this week. We were so busy, there was barely time to pee, much less get on the Internet. Anyway, I am off for the next 4 days and am looking forward to some relaxing (hopefully). Carly's recital is this weekend so that should be fun and then we are going to a Rattlesnake Round-up. I hate snakes but I will go because it means a lot to Kenneth. Maybe I can find some way to conquer my fear a bit- I doubt it. Debra from ECI called yesterday and said there will be two people coming out on June 6 to do Anna's evaluations. Of course I am scheduled to work but my boss has been great to work with me and she let me off. Debra did not mention if she had Dr. Miller's records yet so I still don't know the status of that. We have been able the last few days to start giving Anna 1/2 Alimentum and 1/2 GoodStart Formula. For anyone who has ever used Alimentum, it is like $27 a can where regular formula is more like $12 a can. We spend about $60-$70 a week on formula right now. If we can get her switched over to GoodStart it will be a huge pay raise. We will keep our fingers crossed that she continues to tolerate the GoodStart. I have been thinking a lot about something Debra said the other day and it really makes me upset. She said that when Anna turns 3 she will be transitioned into the school system for further therapy. has to be her local school which is Thackerville. I know there are some good teachers and good kids in Thackerville, but I do not want my kids to go to school there. We wanted to send our kids to Marietta for school. The school is larger and would provide more opportunities for the kids. Also, I want my kids in the same school. So, either we put our kids in a school where I do not want them or we have to move to go to the school where I want them to go. Kenneth says he refuses to move which irritates me but that is a whole other post which I will not go into. So I am left again to try to figure out how to do what is best for everybody. I sometimes get so tired of trying to make it all work out and keep everybody happy, it is absolutely exhausting. I feel like I cannot keep my husband and my kids happy at the same time but they both have needs and I don't know how to fulfill every one's needs or how to decide whose needs are most important. I need to spend some serious time in prayer. I know the Lord will work it out but I also believe he gave me a brain for a reason and he expects me to work through this. Ugh...can I ever just get a day off? Anna has been rolling back to front for a little while but she made it front to back today. Yeah for Anna! That chocolate pie I spoke of in the last post was still in the refrigerator. Kenneth opened up the refrigerator to find the pie with the lid off and 2 spoons stuck down in it. Carly denied having a taste although the spoons were clearly hers. She finally laughed and said, "It sure was good!" What a girl.

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  1. Your blog is awesome! I'm watching Tyra right now and reading your blog. Life is pretty good. :) The kids are beautiful! Talk to you soon, amy