Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ECI & Chocolate Pie

I'm sorry that I was not able to call and update everyone who wanted to know how things went today. After our ECI meeting it was off to get Carly from school, take her to dance, get her fed, pick up Kenneth and Anna and head to my parents house for dinner. Kenneth and my dad worked on my parent's barn until dark and we just got home. SO...Sooner Start (ECI) came out today. The lady's name was Debra and I liked her. She played with Anna, asked a lot of questions, and explained the program to us. She said that if Dr. Miller (neuro) actually wrote "cerebral palsy" in his medical record then Anna is accepted into the program automatically. Dr. Miller told me that Anna is technically too young to be diagnosed with CP but that she has CP (i.e. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck...). So hopefully it is in the record. If not, she must show a 25% delay in at least 2 areas or a 50% delay in one area to qualify for services. The areas considered are adaptive, cognition, communication, physical, and social-emotional. Anna will for sure meet the 25% delay in physical but possibly not in any of the other areas. She might qualify in adaptive (feeding) or communication (lack of cooing/babbling). It will be a close one on either of those 2. So, if she isn't 25% behind in at least 2, will have to wait about 2 months and then have her reevaluated and at that time she will be 50% delayed in physical and then she will qualify. So yes, if Dr. Miller was not specific we have to let her fall further behind to be able to get her help. I will pray that Dr. Miller was specific. If he was not I suppose this is where my battle begins to start getting her the services she needs. Debra felt that her left arm and both legs are affected. The right arm seems to possibly have been spared. So Debra is supposed to call me on Thursday and let me know what Dr.Miller's records said and when they will be out to either do further testing or to start developing her IFSP (individual family service plan) and get her therapy started. If she requires further testing there will be 2 different people who come out to test her and decide if she meets the 25% rule. So here I sit eating a big fat piece of chocolate pie to make myself relax. I am not sure why my mind thinks that making my butt bigger will calm me down, but hey, whatever. I have to work tomorrow so I need to go to bed. I'll try to update more tomorrow. Are you confused yet? And to think-this is only the beginning...

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