Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Midget

Today was a good day. I finally got a needed and deserved 8 hours of sleep. Carly has gotten into a habit of getting up at 6:30am, I do not know why. She got up again at 6:30 this morning and I moved to the couch with her and she watched t.v. She would wake me up every 30 minutes to change the channel when her show would end. I pity the mothers who had to raise children without a DVR- Handy Manny 24/7 is awesome. At about 8:30 I hear her sweet little voice in my ear say "Mommy, the midget (as she lovingly refers to her sister) is awake." I chuckle and then get up and our day was off to a good start. We got some much needed rain and I am thankful for that. It greens up the weeds in or yard which when mowed short look like grass. Sooner Start called and they will be coming out to our house Tuesday afternoon to meet with us and start the evaluations. I talked to many friends today. I have been blessed beyond measure by the volume of people who have come out of the woodwork to help us through a difficult time. I picked up an extra shift at work tomorrow but I won't go in until 8:30am. I like picking up shifts rather than scheduling them ahead of time. It gives me a little more flexibility in case things come up plus I pick the shifts up on my own terms- like going in at 8:30. I think I can squeeze in at least 7 hours of good sleep tonight- yipee!

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