Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Joke Commonly Referred To As Social Security

I got a whole 4 hours of sleep last night and then it was time to get up and off to work I went. It was a pretty easy day at work which was nice and I feel it was well deserved. I got to talk to my friend Emmy today which was nice. Her son Ethan has spina bifida and she has felt the pain I am feeling. She reminded me that I have forever to deal with all of this because it is not going away so that I don't have to figure it all out right now. She said it is ok to be sad and angry for a little bit but then I must move on or it will ruin me. I agree. I called Sooner Start today to see how long it would be before they get to Anna. Sooner Start is the Early Childhood Intervention program for Oklahoma. They said it may be a couple of weeks. When I called them last week they said they would call us on Monday which was yesterday and I never heard from them. I called to checkup and now it went from 3 days to a couple of weeks. I will try to be patient with them. I have heard great things about them so I certainly do not want to get off to a bad start. I also called social security to see about getting Anna on disability. What a joke!! I do not want to have to rely on "the system" but if it is available I see it as another resource to get what we need for Anna. They informed me that Kenneth and I make "way too much money" to get any assistance. Get this- a family of 4 has to GROSS less than $2,600/month to qualify for anything. Whatever!! Since we spend over $600/month just on gasoline I seriously doubt we could live on $2,600/month. So I think we'll just keep on working and hating the system that encourages you to not work so that you can get the services you need. I was very frustrated but I shouldn't have expected anything more from social security. I had just hoped maybe something I have paid in would help my baby because Lord knows I'll never see a penny of it when it comes my time to retire. I am dozing off as I am posting this so I guess I am finally going to be able to sleep...Goodnight.

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