Monday, September 27, 2010

Pukey Party

Today started off with a bang! I got Anna up and we went into Carly's room to get her up. I was sitting on Carly's bed waking her up and Anna was sitting in the floor and all of the sudden she starts puking. Everywhere. I take one look at it, and being pregnant, I take off for our bathroom where I immediately start puking. Kenneth went into Carly's room to take over and then Anna started having explosive diarrhea. Everywhere. Thank God for my wonderful husband who cleaned up everything, even the carpet, while I was still busy puking my guts out. Needless to say, Anna did not go to school today. She has acted like she feels fine and doesn't have fever or anything but man does she stink! I have been noticing lately that it seems her left eye is a bit lazy. I had taken her to the eye doctor as an infant and they said she was fine. I said something about it to my mother and she agreed that the left eye was not right. This was my cue that it cannot be ignored because my mom usually downplays most things with Anna. That isn't a bad thing, that is just how she is. Anyway, I called to today and made her an opthamology appointment at Cook's. I know I could find one closer but I have learned the hard way that kids need pediatric doctors and that is the closest pediatric opthamologist. Her appointment is on October 19th. Carly continues to do well in school but has discovered the art of lying. It is making me furious and she continues to do it no matter what the consequences. We even resorted to taking away Gah-Goo, Carly's rabbit that has been her lifelong companion. He was taken away for 2 days at first but that has been extended since she lied again. If that doesn't work we will continue to search for the currency that works with her. The thing that frustrates me so much is that it is over stupid stuff that we will clearly figure out. I know it is just a phase (I hope) but one I cannot wait to get through...

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