Friday, September 10, 2010

Footloose and Tube Free!!!!!!!

The last button picture
(Check out that tummy. Grow, Anna, Grow!)

The death grip on the glove afterwards
(refer to blog entry)

What the button looks like outside of the kid for those who are curious

I apologize for my delay in posting today but I have was stricken by some plague a couple of days ago and have found it difficult to keep my eyes open. I am taking breathing treatments around the clock, antibiotics, cough medicine, and today I got a steroid shot. (Don't fret, these are all ok's by my OB) I am hoping the shot will help me turn the corner. Being pregnant on top of all that is not helping. I have been sleeping in the recliner because when I lay down I cannot catch my breath. Sorry for the whining! Anyway, Kenneth took off work today because it was clear I would not be able to drive to Ft. Worth or take care of the kids. I wanted to go though so I went with and just slept the whole way there and back. I tried not to breathe or cough on anybody while we were in the office. So I had been told we had to go back to the surgeon because they had some certain tool with which to remove the button. Let me explain the tool- it consists of a strong arm with 5 strong fingers attached. Basically, he just applied pressure to her stomach with one hand and pulled with the other and "POP" it was out. She cried for a few seconds. He asked her if she wanted to keep it and she said yes. He put it in a glove for her and she has had a death grip on the glove since. This was a such a huge milestone for us but I honestly feel too crappy to be very excited right now. I know the excitement will change when the plague has left my body. I can't take a picture of what her belly looks like now because we cannot remove the bandage until Sunday. I'll get a picture then. The doctor said most of the holes (about 90%) heal on their own in 3-4 weeks but the others have to come back for an outpatient surgery to have it fixed. Hopefully we will be fortunate and hers will heal on its own. I am out of steam again and headed back to my recliner. Nighty night.


  1. That's the exact opposite of how it went with us and Charlie's tube. I wanted someone to take it out and no one wanted to. They kept saying, "you can just take it out at home" and I was like NO. Finally got the pediatrician to do it.

  2. YAY ANNA!!!!!

    Hope you feel better Jamie. Being sick with kids sucks. Being sick with kids and pregnant is the pits. Seems like there is a wicked cough going around these parts too