Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back In The Saddle

Kenneth went back to work yesterday and I was able to handle it all on my own for the first time in weeks. I go back to work tomorrow and am actually looking forward to it. I do not do well staying home for too long. I start getting depressed. I made myself get up and dressed and get out of the house during the day yesterday and I felt much better. I didn't mind being home all the time when I was sick but now that I am well I am ready to get back into a routine. I thrive on routine. The kids had gotten out of their routine also and we pretty much have them back on track too. I slept in the bed for the first time in weeks last night but I woke up with my chest tight again so I think it is back to the recliner tonight. I am about to go pick Anna up and take her to get her hair cut. That is a huge deal- I don't think it has been cut in over a year. I think because of her poor nutrition her hair just wouldn't grow and what did grow was brittle and nasty. It is growing long and shiny and curly now and it is time for a trim. I was asked the other day if she has had any seizures and to be honest I have no idea. She usually has them at night and I have been sleeping in the recliner. She has been in bed with Kenneth but he sleeps so hard and would not wake up if she had one. I have not noticed any drooling which is a good sign. I hope this last med increase has fixed the seizures so we can avoid a stay in the EMU. Her button site is healing up so nicely and she is so proud of it. It never leaked and has sealed off nicely. It looks like the scar will be about the size of an eraser head. No big deal! She is currently on a Hostess Chocolate Donut binge and eats a bag of donuts about every 2 days. I know it is not the healthiest but it is high fat and calorie which is just what she needs. She is even waking up during the night asking for her "no-nuts" (donuts). I do not oblige at 2am.

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