Saturday, September 4, 2010


After what seems like months of wiggling, Carly finally lost her first tooth today (with a little help from her Nana). I can do some of the grossest of things at work but for some reason I cannot deal with teeth and eyes. So I didn't. She is so proud of the tooth and is showing both the tooth and the hole it left to everyone. The girls are spending the night with my mother in law tonight so the tooth fairy will not make her appearance until tomorrow night when Carly is at home. She had a great first week of first grade. I am amazed at how much work they do. It is quite a transition from kindergarten! She has homework every night plus her reading. She is loving it though so I guess that alright. I made Anna's appointment and her button will be coming out on Friday. They will do it in the surgeon's office and said it only takes a few minutes. They said that occasionally the hole does not close up and continues to leak and requires stitches but I hope Anna's closes nicely on its own. Somehow given our luck though I am not holding my breath. My first OB appointment went well I suppose, all except for my hormotional breakdown. The Dr came in and sat down and asked how I was doing and I just went to crying and said, "I am just so scared." He said he knows and understands. He said he does not fully expect me to be able to relax until the baby is over a year old. He said he knows I will be terrified throughout the pregnancy and then after I will be watching so closely for milestones. I told him how I just need to know that somebody is paying attention. He assured me he will take good care of us and that I will get whatever it is that I need. He then said the best thing ever- he said he believes firmly in prayer and will be praying for me and the baby. I had stopped the blood pressure medicine because it was dropping me too low but he put me back on it at half the dose. I hate the way it makes me feel but I will deal with it. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday and hope to see just one baby in there. I have this looming fear that there are 2. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. I work tomorrow but look forward to spending Monday at home with the family!

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  1. I can't do eyes or teeth either! GROSS!