Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I did get to come home Friday night. I did a few things this weekend but overall was pretty lazy. We did take the girls to birthday party on Saturday evening at Chuck E Cheese. Man is that place a rip off! I spent $40 and got 1 large pizza, 4 drinks, and 100 tokens. This was one of their "bargain" deals. And the pizza- well, if you ever need diarrhea then that is the place to go! The kids had fun though and I was able to chill and just let them play so I guess it was worth it. When we walked in the door there was a teenager at the door stamping hands and checking numbers as people left. He had a huge dog beside him. As usual, I had to be nosey so I asked what the dog was for. He said it was a seizure dog. We had a nice talk about the dog. The kid said he was in an accident 4 years ago and has had seizures since. He has had the dog for about a year and so far the dog has detected 9 out of 9 seizures. The dog alerts him by whimpering and if the boy doesn't respond then the dog will basically gently knock him to the ground where he is safe to have a seizure. I did some reading when we got home and am amazed at how these dogs work. They basically can smell a chemical change that happens before a seizure and can alert the person about 30 minutes prior to the seizure. They are not cheap though- most come with a price tag of about $18,000. I really hope to gain control of Anna's seizures with meds but it was nice to see that options exist to allow her more independence in the future even if the seizures never get better. Anna is still eating like a pig and finally graduated to size 5 diapers after being in size 4 for at least 18 months now. She ate almost a whole can of Pringles in one sitting the other day- I was amazed. Her vocabulary continues to increase also although we are really unsure what she is saying much of the time. She is going to have some testing done with our school district in the coming months to see if she needs to be back in speech. I am not ready to face the whole IEP thing but it will be before I know it so I might as well suck it up and get ready. Carly is doing well also. We had to go up on her Zoloft dose and it has made a huge difference in her. She continues to do well in school and is getting more and more excited about the baby. I had another ultrasound while in the hospital and everything is still going fine. We refer to the baby as a "he" and will continue to do so until proven otherwise. If it's a girl she should have a complex from the get go, no need to waste any time...

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