Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Crack Looks Like

Well, this is what crack looks like at our house anyway. Meet Gah-Goo. He is 4 1/2 years old. He used to be pink. He used to be soft. He used to recite a prayer. He used to smell nice. Now he is a nasty shade of grayish pink. He is well worn. He has been re stuffed and re sewn more times than I can count. He smells like a trash can (even after Tide and Downy). He no longer prays. He has been on trips far and wide and even survived a fall from, if I recall correctly, about 15 stories at our Destin condo. He has been lost and found more times than I care to remember. Carly will hold him to her nose while sucking her thumb to get what she calls "a snuf." I have been trying in vain to break the addiction but am getting nowhere. I just don't have the heart to take him away for good, I guess I am an enabler of sorts. She starts kindergarten in 2 weeks and Gah-Goo will not be allowed to accompany her there. I am looking for a quick 2 week rehab program for this sort of crack addict or this enabling mother and if you know of one please speak up, and quick. We have deadlines here people...


  1. Thanks for the laugh. Good luck with rehab. Maybe you should contact that A&E Intervention show...

  2. I still have my lovie from when I was little (its name is Big Doll... although it is hairless, and missing a leg, and has more patches than original fabric). When I went to kindergarten, Big Doll had to then stay at home. No more trips to the park, to the grocery store, or school. For a while I had a very little stuffed doll that was Big Doll's friend or something that fit in my pocket and was pinned in there(Nextie) so I could touch her if I needed to but I couldn't have her out all of the time, I grew tired of her but it was a bridge to get me from carring Big Doll everywhere.

  3. That is awesome! All I can say is that is a future cat name waiting to happen....