Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daddy Would Be So Proud

He's a tummy sleeper (but only when I'm awake to watch)

My friend Rachel who pretends in public like Gabe is hers :)

A moment to blog? Is this really possible? Today has actually been a rather smooth day. Kenneth was on duty (not why the day was smooth). I got all 3 kids and myself to church today and we were even on time. After church we went to eat pizza. The kids played nicely today. I actually cooked dinner and then I put Anna to bed early because she didn't take a nap today. The baby is asleep now and Carly is watching TV. Ah, sweet peace.

Things have been going fairly smoothly still. There have been a few bumps but overall I still say adding number 3 is way easier then adding number 2. Anna has been really whiny but I think she finally figured out that Gabe is here to stay. She has also figured out that when I am nursing him that I can't really do anything else so she makes it a point to really test me when I am nursing. She breaks the rules and pushes the limits. If Kenneth is here it is OK but it is a bit tough when he is gone. I basically have to wait and discipline her when I am done and I know that isn't near as effective. I do what I can though and for now that will just have to be good enough. I know she is just trying to find her place in the family now that she isn't the baby anymore. I know that will work itself out. Someone had asked how Anna was doing otherwise and the answer is great. She is coming along nicely in speech and as not had a seizure in quite some time. She still doesn't sleep worth a crap but I am afraid that problem is here to stay. I am not sure what to do about her braces this summer. I let her not wear them yesterday and let her wear sandals while we were out at the lake for the day. Her gait was horrible and her in toeing was much worse. I want her to be able to wear sandals but the braces need socks and socks and sandals just looks stupid. I want what is best for her but I also don't want her to look ridiculous. We have an appointment with the orthotist in the morning so I will ask him for some suggestions. If anyone else has any I would love to hear them.

Carly is still being amazingly helpful with Gabe and with Anna, too. I had her IEP meeting last Monday and she is on something called a 504 now. It allows her some extra help when taking tests and she also is getting extra phonics help everyday after lunch. She is so smart and I hope she understands that needing help because of her dyslexia is in no way a reflection on her intelligence. If the 504 turns out not to be enough then she will be placed on an actual IEP but I am hoping the 504 is enough. It allows her to take any test orally if she requests it. They were going to make it where she could not fail spelling but we decided that was not a good idea because then the incentive to try would be gone. If she has a week where she studies hard and tries really hard and still fails then they will not count it but if she is just being lazy and not trying then the failing grade will stand. I think that is fair. I do want her to get help but I also want her to do her best and always know she has to try. My great aunt's husband died a week ago and Carly made her a sympathy card. It had a rainbow and a sunshine and a big heart under the rainbow. She said that it was God's promise that he would give her somebody to hug again. Wow, out of the mouth of a 6 year old. She is amazing!

Gabe is still doing great. He is getting big cheeks and I love them. I've never had a chunky baby but I think he will be one. He eats like a champ now. He takes about 2.5 ounces every 3 hours. We are still working on nursing but he is better everyday. He just gets tired still. So I still pump a lot but each day I try to actually nurse him more and pump a little less. Some days are better than others. Today has gone very well. He is definitely a breast baby though. I had a low milk supply earlier in the week (I have since fixed the issue) and tried to supplement with half breast milk and half formula. You should have seen the fit he threw and refused to eat. He clamped his jaws down and would not have it. Thank God for my sister who walked me through resolving the issue. I was so stressed that day because I was not sure how and what I was going to do to feed my baby. It was funny during church today because it was totally quiet except for the preacher preaching and all of the sudden Gabe let out the biggest wettest toot and poop ever and the guy in the pew in front of us turned around laughing and said "that was nice." I'm pretty sure everybody within a 50 foot radius heard Gabe. His father would be so proud...


  1. Sweet post, Jamie. Days like today are "tender mercies" that come along just in time to help us through whatever may come next.

    When you describe Anna, she sounds quite similar to my Nathan. We aren't nearly warm enough up here in to think about sandals but I have anyway. Nate has a full brace up one side that will be very hot. Granted, with boys wearing socks with sandals isn't nearly as big of deal as with little girls. I have to admit socks with sandals can have a dulling effect on darling summer dresses.

    Take care.

  2. Congrats on a great, smooth transition. Sounds like you are all doing wonderfully! Would Keens work with her braces? Kind of a cross between sandals and shoes, and come in very cute colors for little girls. They are also water friendly and extremely durable. So glad to hear about the 504 and help in school. I recently read a lot about dysgraphia - for my own daughter - and there is a specific type called Dyslexic Dysgraphia. You might find some simple, specific ideas about writing and spelling in the strategies there.
    Sounds like everything is coming together, and not at a better time! A new baby, and summer fun right around the corner!

  3. I adore sleeping photos. He's definitely growing. And still cute as ever.

    Quick question (which may not be quick), how has the school been with the 504 deal? I've heard in our area the 504 is easier to obtain than the IEP, but are more difficult to maintain/enforce. What's been your experience with that? I recall issues prior for you guys, if I remember correctly.

  4. Thank you for the Keens suggestion. Although I think I am ultimately going to have to just buy thin socks and cut the toes off, she will still need sandals with some good support and those look like they would be great. I think we have a winner!

    As far as the 504 goes, we are so new to the game that I am not sure I am really qualified to say much about it. Our biggest problem has been getting the school to recognize that something is wrong. Once they finally did the testing and saw what we have seen all along, they have been great. We wanted to go with the least restrictive thing first so we went with the 504. If that doesn't work we will switch to the IEP which she qualifies for based on the dyslexia and anxiety disorder. We are in a very small district which is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because there are very few people that we have to get on the same page but a curse because the resources are few. As I learn more and get further into this I will be more than happy to share what I learn.