Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Baby, An Aquarium, and a Rockin' OB

This week has been crazy! Bringing home a new baby, a time change, and Spring Break- what am I? Superwoman? I have limited time to post so this week gets the updates bullet style.
  • Gabe is doing great. He is the sweetest and calmest baby. (Which I think I deserve might I add) He is eating great. He rarely cries. But man is this kid gassy!!
  • At his appointment on Friday he was up to 6 lb 6 oz. That was up 6 oz from Sunday.
  • We took all 3 kids to the Dallas World Aquarium on Thursday. It is Spring Break and we felt the girls were deserving of something fun to do. It was amazing and I highly recommend it although I probably would not go during Spring Break again. The girls loved it as did Kenneth and I. Gabe slept- good thing he got in for free!
  • I had my 2 week OB follow up last week. I am back on my lisinopril and my b/p is getting better. It is still not ideal but I am getting there. My OB asked what I plan to do for birth control since I cannot take the pill due to my clotting disorder. I reminded him that he was supposed to tie my tubes but didn't. He said he was well aware of that and he did not do it on purpose. He said my body could not take anything else right now and that I would be the patient to have some crazy complication. He said Kenneth must have a vasectomy. He said we absolutely cannot have any more kids (uh, no argument here) So he said to tell Kenneth that he must have a vasectomy. Kenneth agreed to it. Thanks Dr Cummings- you rock! I will probably have a hysterectomy but not for a year so something has to be done before then.
  • The girls are so smitten with this little guy. And I won't lie, I am too!!

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