Friday, March 4, 2011

Gabe Update #6

This will be short and sweet because I am ready to go to bed. Gabe is still in the NICU. He is still not eating well. He has one "awake" period each day when he will have a good feeding but the rest of the time he does not do much. I am allowed to try to breastfeed twice a day and he latches great but for the most part he doesn't suck much. He did have one great feeding yesterday though and I was proud of that. His bilirubin continues to go down so I hope that as it goes down he will be more and more alert. He is still hypertensive and nobody seems to be quite sure why. They have a different theory each day it seems. He had an echo cardiogram today due to his heart murmur. They found that he has a PFO (patent foramen ovale) and an ASD(atrial septal defect). I did not get to talk to the doctor so I am not sure of the significance of it. I hope to get to talk to the doctor tomorrow. There is still not any talk of him coming home. We are going on day 9 tomorrow, I think. I am pretty sure I am holding up ok but then today I was sitting in my car talking to my sister on the phone and I was getting my pump all ready. I got off the phone with her and turned the pump on. I sat there for a minute pumping and then suddenly wondered why my pants were wet. I looked down and realized I had never put the bottle on the pump and was just pumping breastmilk onto my leg and the seat of my car. NICE!! OK, so maybe I'm a bit tired and still in a fog. My blood pressure medicine was changed yesterday and every now and again I get a good reading but for the most part it is still out of control. I am watching it closely though and will keep working towards getting it down. My eyes are crossing looking at the screen so I must go to bed now. Night night.


  1. Oh I <3 him so much Jamie!!! He is adorable. Basically, they would want him to stay in the NICU until he is tolerating his feeds better, right? and until a cause of the hypertention is known? I don't know anything about ASDs - but PFOs are pretty common right? The NICU at my hospital said they never talked about going home until it was a certainty so as not to get people's hopes up. I actually called one morning to see how Lou's night was and the nurse said "oh mommy - we were just getting ready to call you. Lou is going home today!". I was floored.

    haha to the bottles not being attached! I actually fell asleep once (o.k. a couple times!) attached to the pump... OUCH!

    You are doing a great job, keep up the awesome work! Have Anna & Carly met him yet?

  2. I'm terrible about commenting, bit I've been reading every update you've posted. You, your husband, you sweet girls, and your gorgeous boy are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you and little Gabe get a break on the health issues and that he breaks out of the NICU soon! He is a doll in that last picture!

  3. He's looking really great, Jamie! I'm not sure if it's any comfort, but Charlie was too tired to suck for about 6 weeks. We went home on the tube and once he was good and rested, he figured things out pretty quick. And once he had it, it still took a while to getting all his feeds my mouth.