Friday, November 28, 2008

Motel or Patel?

I have waited what seems like a lifetime for a peaceful holiday and my wish was finally granted. I do not know what I have done to deserve such a fine holiday but I refuse to look for answers, I just enjoyed it for what it was. For as long as I can remember we have celebrated holidays at my grandparents house full of 20-30 people whom would likely rather throw darts at each other than spend a day together but on that day we would all smile and discuss surface topics and be polite and eat lunch and cringe wondering who would be the first person to say something audible to piss another off rather than muttering it under their breath. The tension was ungodly and likely the source of the constant acid reflux I feel brewing around the holidays. The reason this fun gathering was cancelled was a sad one but as with all things in life, things happen for a reason. My grandfather is getting old and has grown quite ill with his Parkinsons and neuropathy over the past few years, especially the past year. My mother and her siblings cannot agree on how to best care for him so they mostly choose just to ignore each other. It was for these reasons that Thanksgiving was held at my parents house with only a few of us in attendance. We all fit at one table and no one was forced to eat out in the garage where I spent many a Thanksgiving as my grandmother felt this was the only appropriate spot for children to graze over their holiday dinner. Bad decision on her part because it usually ended in a food fight. There was no finer way to piss off a grandmother than to disrespect the food she had spent all day preparing. Then it was off to Kenneth's family and we had a good time there as well (and possibly 1 too many drinks). These holidays were not rushed and being spared the usual dysfunction was so refreshing. The only crappy part was that I didn't get to see my sister thanks to the good old US Army. I shopped some with mom today. We were not looking for black Friday crap and in fact didn't even begin shopping until well after noon. Anna's BD party is on Sunday though so we had to get some things accomplished. I heard of someone dying in Long Island because they were trampled at Wal-Mart. Merry Freakin Christmas!! I thought long and hard about his one and could not find one single item or combined number of items that are worth hurting someone over. Perhaps their insurance company cut off their meds too- I hope there is some logical explanation but I fear it is just one more example of how messed up our society has become. On an interesting note did you know that motel and Patel really are synonymous? I was reading that in the last 25 years, Indians (dot not feather) have acquired some 20,000 motels in America. That is roughly 50% of economy motels and 40% of all motel/hotels in America. Of those 20,000 Indian owned motels, 70% of them are owned by Indians named "Patel." That means 1/3 off all hotels and motels in America are truly owned by Patels. Maybe next week I'll research the 7-11s...

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