Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wal-Martians and Donkeys?????

My sister and her family came to Texas to visit last week. We started the week with a surprise Welcome Home Party as her husband's parent's house in Colleyville on Sunday. I was amazed that Anthony was actually surprised- most surprise parties don't seem to work that way. We had some awesome barbecue and good conversation and it was nice to see Anthony back on U.S. soil. On Monday they drove up to my parent's house and we spent a few days together there. The kids had so much fun together. We ate way too much food but enjoyed every bite. We all hated to see them leave, especially Carly who is "depressed because Ainsley left me." Oh, the abandonment issues never end. Our beloved Eeyore. Anna is taking 1-3 steps on her own now. I can't believe it. She continues to amaze us with her accomplishments and continues to reinforce that not knowing the word "can't" makes a huge difference. I am so glad that in the times we worried most about her and were afraid of what she would and would not be able to do that she was unaware of it all. Anna's ears- they apparently did not get the memo that the tubes were supposed to fix them. Since last Tuesday she has had pus running out of them off and on and is having fever and not sleeping again. She is back on antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops and she goes back to the ENT on Monday. The ENT's office is really beginning to frustrate me because they keep telling me to just give her Zyrtec. Hey dumb asses- Zyrtec is great for drying up snot, but not so sure it dries up pus. They are convinced it is just snot even though I have had my sister and her husband (both doctors), Dr. Klein, and Dr. Ogunmola all say it is pus. I am glad the tubes are in though, at least it is draining instead of being trapped in her ears. Still, it is nasty and it needs to be gone. She sleeps very little as it is- throw in runny ears, fever, and teething and I'm pretty sure we'd get no sleep at all. She did sleep 5 hours last night and I think we slept 3 the night before. When Kenneth got home today he graciously let me nap and what was supposed to be a little nap turned into a 6 hour one. I slept so good and woke up a zombie. I went to Wal-Mart with all of the other Wal-Martians who had just woken up from Sunday naps and I made a vow to never again return to that god forsaken place on Sunday. Seriously, it should have tipped me off to the population inside when the car parked next to me had Arkansas plates which proudly read "Donkeys." If you got personalized plates and were willing to pay the state extra money for them wouldn't you pick something to say besides "Donkeys?"

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