Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Tail Is Wagging The Dog

First off, my brother in law is a surgeon in the Army currently serving in Afghanistan. I wanted to show off a few pictures of him- give these guys props- it looks pretty nasty over there!! Now, on to my issues: Daddy's girl, yep, that's what she is. Carly has got her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She is only 4, I fear this may only get worse. We have been having issues with her not wanting to go to school on the days that i work and Kenneth is supposed to take her to school. She gets out of bed, asks to stay home, he says no, she throws a fit, he gives in, she stays home and gets what she wants. He can't seem to understand why she doesn't throw these fits for me, only for him. I keep explaining that it is because it works for her and she gets her way. So he has agreed to not give in anymore- whatever. I was at work today and called about 12:00 to check in on everybody and I hear Kenneth say "Carly..." and realize she is not at school- again. (When I say school I am talking pre-K here so it's not like a truancy issue or anything) I ask him why she is at home and he says she threw a huge fit and he tried everything to get her under control and to get her dressed for school and she just wouldn't cooperate. He finally gave in and told her she could stay home but she couldn't watch t.v., couldn't play with her toys, and couldn't play with Mackenzie. Great punishment Dad!! She still got to stay home which is exactly what she wanted. So- the tail continues to wag the dog and I am afraid his will not change anytime soon. She is such a good kid bu she plays her daddy like a fiddle!! Anna is doing great. She started saying "mama" and I couldn't be more proud. She is sleeping better and we are so happy about that. Work has been crazy busy. Today we had a lady code because her lung is hemorrhaging so her trach got a blood clot in it and it occluded her airway. We took her off the vent and tried to bag her but no luck. As we started to do chest compressions the clot flew out of her trach and landed at the foot of her bed. I have never seen such a huge group of people part like the Red Sea before- that clot had some velocity!! Lucky for her (or maybe not so lucky for her)she lived. I think her family has made her a DNR now. JCAHO is at our hospital doing their survey this week so all of the suits are walking around with their heads up their butts. I am pretty sure we will invest in glass belly buttons for them, then maybe they will at least be able to see out. I am so glad to be off tomorrow and then I work Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is an extra shift I picked up and I told them I couldn't be there until 8:30 so at least I'll get a little sleep. I love these extra shifts where I call the shots and tell them when I'll come in. Well, not much else going on here. Things are pretty boring and I couldn't be happier. I am meeting Joanne at Deiter's for lunch tomorrow for BBQ and beer, mmmmm, can't wait....

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