Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Exactly The Same Conversation

First off, people who send mixed signals get on my nerves. Enough about that. I did not manage to get a wink of sleep on Monday and Anna was up most of the night Monday night so needless to say I was draggin yesterday. Kenneth and I were actually off together though so we went out to lunch and then blew a few bucks at the casino. I'm glad I don't really enjoy the casino so much, it could be dangerous. Carly had ballet and tap and that went well also. Kathy, our OT, came yesterday to see Anna. It seems the message I got from Kenneth regarding the last appointment was not exactly how things went. Kenneth told me that Anna was "doing great and all caught up but they would keep her on service anyway because it would be easier to keep us on than have to sign us up again later if we needed them again." Denial, it must be a nice place. Kathy says she is very pleased with Anna's progress however she feels there are likely some cognitive delays. She also says that although Anna has done great at "catch-up" that her movements are still very precise and calculated, not fluid as they should be. She feels this is a motor planning issue. She brought some sheets for 9 month old skills and Anna is doing great for the most part but we are still lacking in a few areas. I am so sick of Dr. appointments as I think I had probably posted somewhere earlier. BUT... the OT suggested I really need to talk further to the neuro about Anna's cyst in her brain. So I called to make an appointment and as my luck would have it, Dr. Hernandez is no longer coming to the Denton clinic so we have to change neuros again. This time we will be seeing Dr. Marks but I am ok with it because he is the head of the "movement disorders" part of the neuro group which really fits our problem. Kathy also wanted us to see another GI so we have an appointment on this Friday at the Denton clinic. She is still concerned about the weight issue and truly believes nutrition is key to overcoming lots of Anna's problems. Anyway, enough about all of that. On a funnier note, I was taking Carly to school this morning and decided to go to Sonic and get a drink first since I had to head to work right after dropping her off. So we pull into Sonic and I get my drink and Carly tells me, "Mommy, one time when Daddy and I came here, 2 girls brought out our food. They thought daddy was cute. They asked him to come home with them." I chuckled and went on. I have given Kenneth hell about it and he says he will have to go find these girls who think he's a hottie. My free time is over, off to do more work it is...

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  1. Competition with Sonic girls?!? You poor thing!!!

    (((hugs))) regarding your appointment yesterday. Here's to your next neuro appointment.