Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hand Washing 101

Seriously, I am not a man basher but what makes it so hard sometimes for 2 brain cells to fire at the same time in a man's brain? Both of the kids were in their beds sleeping and Anna lost her pacifier and started crying. Kenneth, being the sweet daddy that he is, went and quickly and gently replaced it. He came back in the living room and suddenly there was a horrendous scream coming from Anna. Note to all men- while preparing beef jerky using crushed red pepper, wash hands before touching baby's pacifier. Needless to say Anna screamed for a bit and had snot and tears running down her face for quite awhile. Ever seen those episodes of Cops where the bad guys get the peeper spray in their face? I gave her cold formula hoping it would stop the burn and I guess eventually it did because she went back to sleep. Things have been pretty uneventful around here. I like it!! Carly jumped off a stool in the bathroom at school and fell flat on her chin and has a nice goose egg covering her entire chin. It looks like she took a purple marker to it- nice! I've got to get that on camera!! Luckily Miss Shawna was there to rescue her and provide the ice pack which runs a close second to band-aids with Carly. She is at that stage where blood or no blood- a band aid will cure all. EI came out today and has decreased their visits to once monthly since Anna is doing so well. She is letting go of stuff now and will likely be walking soon. If I have learned anything it is to NEVER EVER underestimate your children. They will do more than you ever dream of and they will do it whether you are paying attention or not so you had better pay attention. I have to work tomorrow but just cannot make myself go to bed. I know, this classifies me as an idiot and I will pay dearly tomorrow but I just can't force myself. Hmmm, work has been crazy. If people only knew the things I have to do at work they would cease to be my friends I am pretty sure. Sometimes it is just down right nasty. And the patients- they just keep getting crazier...HIV positive patients ripping out IVs and squirting blood at their nurses and patients refusing to give consent for an ambulance to transport them home until their demands are met (um, yeah, I think I was a hostage that day) and 500 lb gastric bypass patients who want us to take sensitivity training who never stop to consider how sensitive our backs feels after moving them around in bed and doctors who think it is normal to try and keep 95 year old demented people alive at any cost and an administration who thinks working short staffed is the ok and the list goes on. I must be a glutton for punishment because I keep showing up for more...

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