Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny Lookin'- Just Like Her Daddy

We took Anna to her GI appointment on Friday and all went quite well. We loved the doctor, Dr. Ogunmola. He was kind and quite knowledgeable and explained things very well. He really feels Anna's FTT (failure to thrive) & ongoing stomach issues are due to a severe milk and soy protein allergy. Although the protein in Alimentum is quite broken down he feels it is still not broken down enough so he has put her on Elecare. He says that in terms of protein sizes- regular formula is like a basketball, Alimentum is like a tennis ball, and Elecare is like a golf ball. We had to mix it 1/2 and 1/2 with the Alimentum for a few days to get her to drink it but now she takes it like a champ. She should- i just picked some up from the pharmacy a little bit ago and it was $47.09/can. We use about 1 can every 4 days. I looked on eBay and found some cheaper. I think I'll get it there next time and I am also appealing our insurance company to pay for it. I am not holding my breath but maybe they will help. Her stomach does already seem to be better so I guess it is worth whatever it costs. The weekend pretty much kept us in the house due to Ike. We didn't get any bad weather but a good amount of rain. I am thankful it was only rain and I am thankful because we really needed the rain. We cleaned house all day including ceiling fans, taking down mini blinds, baseboards, etc. It is sad that it took a hurricane for us to get the deep cleaning done. Then, we kept our niece and nephew and some of their friends that night. I don't know why they like to stay here with us so much but hey, whatever. Kenneth was on duty Sunday and the girls and I didn't do much. Monday was Anna's genetics appointment and it went quite well. I had no idea what to expect- it isn't like there are tons of people walking around who have visited the genetics clinic to prepare us for it. Anyway, Dr. Drummond-Borg was her name. She was a sweet little older lady with a cute British accent. She is amazed by Anna's height but feels that she is just a normal kid with CP. She does think Anna's head is small but she measured Kenneth's head and said it is on the small side as well and that is where she likely gets it. She mentioned a couple of syndromes but said they are mostly unlikely and that she really just thinks we have a little girl who looks like her daddy and is going to be very tall and very skinny. What a relief!! I have waited so long for someone to tell me my little girl will be okay and I finally heard it. She definitely agrees with the CP diagnosis but says she really feels her left arm will be all that is affected and that in time Anna will learn to overcome that as well. She finds it very curios that Anna's brain cyst is on the right side and her problems are on the left side since the right brain controls the left side. She really feels this is worth checking up on, and that as Anna grows and her brain gets bigger that we will likely be able to see the area of her brain that suffered the insult as a result of placental insufficiency. She said sometimes in tiny babies it is just hard to see but as they grow and the brain grows it becomes easier to visualize the damage. Her comment after that was something to the affect of, "You don't plan on having anymore children, do you?" That door just got slammed shut again. Oh well, I guess I should be thankful I have 2 beautiful girls, I know plenty of women who would give anything just for one child. God has a plan for us and I guess if he wants us to have more than 2 he will make it happen and if 2 is his plan then 2 it will be. I am working a lot this week but am fortunate today to get a day to myself. I took a 2 1/2 hour nap and am feeling so refreshed. I think it's about time to get dressed and go get a pedicure or something. Carly's newest thing goes something like this:

Me: "How was school today? Did you get a happy face or sad face on your stamp page?"

Carly: "I got a happy face. How bout' them apples?"

She really cracks me up. Last night I hear her yelling out from her room, "Maaaamaaaaa, maaaamaaaaaa." I am praying at this point she doesn't wake Anna up and I get up to see what is the matter. "Carly, what is wrong?" I asked her. "Mama, I'm weeeetttttt!!!!" I guess she had one of those dreams- you know the ones- and she peed the bed. I cleaned her up and put her in our bed. I DO NOT do laundry at 2 am. I think that is the first time she has done that in like 6 months, it was actually kind of funny...

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