Monday, September 1, 2008

Freak Week

It never ceases to amaze me the kind of freaks that come out of the woodwork sometimes. This past week at work was full of freaks- not so much patients but family members. I can't even begin to describe these people but they are the ones you generally see on Jerry Springer- and they were all hanging out in the ICU at Presby Denton this week. Some of the patients were real winners too. I knew today would probably not be too great when one of my patients was dead by 7 AM. So I got another and one of them turned out to have lice but didn't really feel it was prudent to share that information with me. What the hell? How do you have lice and a.) not know it and/or b.) not tell the people taking care of you. And yes, these are the people working at your local fast food restaurants. Needless to say I all but screamed as I saw this louse crawl up the patient's arm and I immediately got clean scrubs from OR and came straight home from work to take a decontamination shower. As if this wasn't bad enough we had a guy in DTs who decided that after we got him off of the bedside commode he would fall face first into the bed with has butt shining up in the air for all to see and then he would pass gas and shart all over himself. Seriously- did I go to school for this? Then he proceeds to tell us, "Man, I don't know how much they pay you but it is not enough." I'm thinking if you are cognizant enough to worry about my pay shouldn't you be somewhat able to control your bowels or at least excuse yourself after you crap all over your nurses? Nope, he proceeds to gripe at us because we didn't get him back into bed the way he wanted. He is by far one of the finer male specimens in this society. If people want to kill themselves I can handle it but I am so sick of getting people through their withdrawal so they can go out and do it over again and again and again. For some dumb reason I picked up extra shifts this week. I suppose I am a glutton for punishment. Wanna join me?

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