Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Must Get This Out Of My System

Dear ***** , (after reading this you will know if you are her)
I can't believe I am even wasting my time writing this but I feel I must get this off of my chest. This blog was created to keep my family and friends informed about our lives and our progress, it was never meant to be fodder for your everyday conversations since you are neither family or friend. The health of myself and my children has nothing to do with you and I have no idea why you feel that it does. If you had gotten the story straight from me or at least just gotten the straight story you would know that what you are saying is total crap. In the beginning it was Dr. Klein who sent Anna to the GI doctor, I did not beg to go. Nor do I think Dr. Klein refers patients for the hell of it, I think he usually has a fairly good reason. It was that GI who suggested there might be something wrong with Anna and suggested we should get to a neurologist. That first neurologist, who is well known in his field, did indeed say she has CP. I seriously doubt a well known neurologist would label a child with a condition because as you put it, "she [meaning me] wants there to be something wrong with that baby." Perhaps you should dig deeper into our medical records as you apparently already have and you would see this. It was again Dr. Klein who referred us to see endocrinology due to Anna's failure to gain weight. I am quite sure that once again he had a good reason, he did not just send us because he thinks it is fun for me to be driving all over creation. It was that Dr. who then sent us on to genetics. We then had to switch neurologists because the first one left his practice. That neurologist changed the diagnosis to static encephalopathy which is just another fancy word for CP but you are likely not wise enough to understand that static means not changing and encephalopathy means damage to the brain and you probably do not care enough to look it up. I did seek out another GI on my own because we were still having stomach problems with Anna. I am also quite sure that Early Intervention does not just sign kids up for the hell of it, there has to be a reason and I am pretty sure that "crazy mother" is not on the list of qualified diagnoses. I am glad when labs come back normal as most of Anna's have. However, if you had any knowledge of CP you would know labs and other tests do come back normal most of the time, it is simply a problem with muscle tone which will not show up on any lab and possibly not on any MRI either. I strive to get the best for my children and if having 10,000 labs drawn and seeing every doctor we are referred to is what it takes then that is what I will do to ensure that my children have the best chance at a normal life. Problems found early can often times be corrected and then the child can go on to lead a normal life. Isn't that what we all want for our children- to have the best chance at a normal life? I do not WANT something to be wrong with my child. I did not WANT to have the type of pregnancy that I did. I realize I am blessed to have my child at all. I am not really sure what it is about me that makes you feel the need to say things about me that are untrue or to use my personal life as petty gossip. Furthermore, I do not understand why you think it is ok for you to read our medical records just because you are an employee of Dr. Klein's office. Unless you are Dr. Klein, his nurse, or maybe the biller, you really have no reason to look at any of our records and quite frankly I do not see why you would want to. Are our lives that interesting or is yours really that boring and pathetic? I have always laughed at HIPPA but now I see it was created so that pathetic people like yourself would not be able to do what you love to do most- snoop into other people's business and then spread it around using some half-truths and mostly non-truths. You are not a friend to me nor have you ever been. You pretend to be friendly to my face and then no sooner do you turn around, you have nasty things to say. I have had enough. I would suggest you refrain from any further reading of our records or from other slanderous remarks because my patience with you is wearing thin. Perhaps the time you spend meddling in my life would be much better spent in therapy for yourself because it is apparent to me and all of those around you that you have got issues that need to be dealt with.


  1. Wow. Sounds like you need to contact a certain someone's employer and threaten legal action. Maybe that will get her attention if this call out doesn't. Sounds like you have EVERY right to be angry. Nothing like having a situation that doesn't fit into other people's "molds" to bring out the nasty in them. ((((Hugs))))

    Delurking, btw, from the PF and Alice's place.

  2. A HIPPA violation could cost the Dr's office several hundred thousand dollars. Tell the doctor what this nosy person did. Hopefully she will get the firing she richly deserves.