Tuesday, December 21, 2010


No, no, no...not my marriage. It is as strong and wonderful as ever. I am speaking of my pelvis. It has done the same thing this time as it did last time only way earlier. It hurts like hell and I am not happy about the fact that this is how it will be until Gabe comes. If you wonder why I blog all of the pregnancy details it is so that if after getting my tubes tied and Kenneth getting a vasectomy I suddenly have a moment of weakness and want everything reversed, I will look back at all this and be reminded why that decision would likely and should likely land me in the state's mental health facility for the criminally insane. (Wow, nice run on sentence!) And yes, after Gabe, Kenneth and I will both be getting fixed. I know too many people who have done one or the other and still ended up with more kids. We cannot have any more kids. If you have children and are a woman and have been fortunate enough not to have this pelvic dysfunction you should be on your knees thanking God right at this very second! I have been off of work for 5 or 6 weeks now and have yet to be placed on bedrest. I was threatened tonight with hospital bedrest if I don't start taking it easier. Thank goodness my shopping is done so I can chill now! We have also been working on the girls' room and getting it ready to move them into so we can get the nursery done. I will not tell you much more until it is totally done. It is so cute though and I can't wait until the furniture is delivered tomorrow. Anna will finally have her own big girl bed. I hope she will sleep in it and I hope this mama can let go of her seizure fears enough to let her sleep in it. Carly got to pick out the bedding and is so excited to have had some decision making power in the decorating. I can't wait. The before and after pictures will be coming soon! Anna got her Sure Steps yesterday and they are amazing! I did not realize how unsteady she was until now. With them on she is much more steady and seems to be walking in less of a crouched wide spaced gait. She doesn't mind them and wants to put them on by herself. Not much else going on but I think I better get to bed before Presby Denton becomes my new home...

The Sure Steps

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