Sunday, December 26, 2010


Not much to say here except that this was a fabulous Christmas. Christmas Eve night Anna slept in her own bed all night without waking up. That in and of itself was a Christmas miracle! Before going to bed she kept telling me to get home faster (from my great grandmother's house) "cos Santa Kauz es comin." Carly was so excited and had a lot of trouble falling asleep. The kids were of course spoiled rotten by us and everyone else. They were very good about saying "thank you" to everyone without prompting from us which made me feel like we are doing something right. Santa brought Carly a bike and the radio she wanted. He brought Anna her tricycle and TMX Elmo. They got a ton of other stuff, too. It looks like Toys R US vomited all over our living room. It is so funny what their favorite things end up being. Carly loved this Build-A-Bear that she was able to stuff and sew herself. Anna loved her Elmo sippy cups that Carly bought for her. Things were so laid back this year and for that I am so thankful. The rushing around stresses me out and it was nice to not have to do it this year. I hope your holiday was just as nice...

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  1. We've had a very nice Christmas also. I'm enjoying reading blog posts of happy holidays tonight. Thank you for yours. Sorry to read you have so much pelvic pain with your pregnancy. Was PT ever considered? I like SureSteps, too. Good product and very helpful for many children. Barbara