Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting To The Bottom Of It

I had spoken to the principal awhile back about my thoughts that Carly is dyslexic. You have to understand that we are in a VERY small district and perhaps the programs to help that would be in a regular size district are just not there in ours. Anyway, I have tried to be patient. (Hold that thought, there is a Jehovah's Witness at the door.) OK, quickly taken care of. I politely refused to listen to her Watchtower message. So back to the whole school issue. Carly has been in tutoring and we have seen some vast improvements in her. Her reading is much better and her spelling is also to some degree. But her letter writing is not any better. Things are still just as backwards and upside down as they always were. On Wednesday night we studied Carly's spelling words and she knew them. There are 12 total. She went to school Thursday and took her pre-test. If they make a 100 on the pre-test then they do not have to take the test on Friday. When Carly got home we asked how she did and she said she missed 10 of the 12. She also forgot to bring the test and her folder home (but that is a whole other battle we are dealing with). I always tell Carly that I do not expect perfection from her, but that I always expect her to do her best. Every morning when I drop her off at school I remind her to have a good day and do her best. She was crying about the test and saying how she had done her best. I of course told her that I knew she had not done her best because she knew the words the night before. After much ado we went up to the school and got the test. Guess what? She had done her best. She had correctly spelled all 12 words but had written all of her "s" backwards and one"d" backwards as well. The teacher counted them all wrong because they were backwards. I was pissed! Kenneth and I went up to the school this morning and had a meeting with the Principal. We decided to go in with a kind attitude figuring it would get us further, and it did. The Principal agreed that Carly deserved at the very least a chance to rewrite the backwards letters and that she should get credit for spelling the words correctly. I think she finally saw what we are dealing with here and we are finally going to get somewhere. We do not have an exact plan yet but it will be finalized after Christmas break. I feel relieved. I was so heartbroken for Carly who really had tried so hard and then despite doing well was told that still wasn't good enough. I do not expect her to not have to do the work, I just expect that she will be given a little extra time and some extra help with the letters she finds so difficult. Last night we did not work on spelling, we worked on writing her letters and she seemed very eager to do them right. I pray this may help us to get to the root of the problem and help her.

Anna came home from daycare sick on Tuesday afternoon. Turns out she had strep. Thank God it is still so responsive to antibiotics. She is well and back at school today. She started ballet and tap this week and had a blast. The next day she was really having a hard time walking. I think she had to use some muscles she isn't used to using. I am so glad her Sure Steps will be in Monday so that we will have them before her next ballet class.

I have an OB appointment this afternoon. My blood pressures have been all over the place so who knows what will happen when I get there. Gabe is as active as ever so I think he is still doing fine. Lets keep it that way...

UPDATE- My appointment went ok. My blood pressures are more and more labile which my Dr. says means they are about to really jump up and stay up. He told me to take it easy as much as I can and enjoy the next 2 weeks because after that the wild ride is likely to begin. I am thankful we will hopefully get a peaceful holiday. I have another appointment and ultrasound on the 29th. I hope to not see the doctor or hospital again until then...

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  1. I don't have time to write more (no pun intended), but have you looked at the Handwriting Without Tears program?