Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zevex Software Update

There has been a problem with the Zevex Enteralite Infinity Pumps versions R3.13 and lower. When you turn the pump on it will give you the software version. If it does not read R3.14 or higher then you need to call your Home Health Care Provider and have your pump either fixed or replaced. The problem is causing the pumps to infuse either too fast or too slow. Too slow is not a huge problem but too fast is a really huge problem. We had R3.11. When I found out about the update I called Central Line Infusion where we get our pump and tube feeds and they had no idea. They checked into it and ended up sending us a new pump. If you are using this pump you need to call your company and have them fix the problem because I am not sure how widely the information about the need for the update was spread. If I had not read about it on Parent2Parent I never would have known. I just wanted to pass the information on.

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